> Color: Available colours White, Black, Gray, Green, Indigo, Red, Blue White
> Range up to 35km
> (speed:20km/h, load:70kg, wind speed: under 10km/h)
> Max Speed 36km/h
> Slope climb ability 25 degree slope
> Motor output max. power 500 W
> Battery 36 V, 8.7 Ah, Li-Ion, Samsung Cells
> Charger 41.5 V, 3 A
> Energy consumption 6.15 - 7.7 Wh/km
> Total weight 11. 1 kg
> Max Load 100 kg


One of the best parts of the E-TWOW scooters is their distinctive folding system. The scooters can be fully folded by simply clicking the folding lever, conveniently located above the scooter platform. Once it is folded, you can easily carry the scooter and store it anywhere you want, under your office desk or in the trunk of your car.